Amazing Bean - A Kindle Comic Book

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Amazing Bean - A Kindle Comic Book

Mounted print - $5

You can purchase individual chapters of the Amazing Bean comic book. Each book is a black and white version of each chapter. Just specify which chapter you want in the message box when ordering.

Kindle is's platform that allows readers to purchase and view a wide variety of digital media ranging from books all the way to newsstand publications. My Kindle comic book is one example of the types of digital media offered on Amazon. If you've ever purchased a printed book from Amazon and noticed the Kindle version then your book is also available on this digital platform. I like the many Kindle comic books available on Amazon. There are many rare comics which can be purchased for a small price as compared to actually buy the original. Reading Kindle comic books is easy too. Amazon has developed a reader which can be purchased to read it's digital content. The Amazon Fire tablet is one example of the many wonderful options Amazon has for viewing digital content. And not only is it capable of viewing Kindle comic books and other digital media but it can also be used as a web browser with a WiFi connection available.

So visit today and learn about the many wonderful choices you have to view your favorite books and similar publications there are. And “digital media” is more than just reading material. Movies and music are included in this description as well. I plan to put my entire music collection on my Fire tablet. Additional memory can be purchased for the Fire as well. And another great feature of Amazon’s Kindle comic book platform is it uses cloud technology so no matter what device you have you can access your Kindle comic book or other digital media by simply logging in to your Amazon account and downloading it.

Overall it’s about ease of use and getting the information or entertainment you want.

To order simply provide a good contact email in the form below and an invoice will be mailed to you.

Everybody's personality is unique and different. You can't judge a book by it's cover and you never know someone until you really see all the dimensions to their personality. What makes us tick? What makes us laugh? What makes us cry? And what really gets under our skin. Amazing Bean is a light-hearted, all-audience exploration of two contrasting personalities. In the Kindle Comic Book which you can purchase on Amazon here, you'll get to see the humor in two very different ways of looking at the world and two different ways of living in it. Bean and Amazing Snail are a loveable odd couple that just want to occupy a small fraction of your time and maybe make you laugh a little or think a little.

So whether it's an obsession with a new video game or an extreme hatred of coffee you'll enjoy the antics that ensue between these two as they try to cope with the other's quirky personalities. Fixing the world is a big job and it may just start around the house or a new TV may be the bridge to strengthening a great friendship. It's all part of this Kindle comic book.

So pick up "Amazing Bean", the Kindle comic book, on today and follow the funny, exciting and charming lives of a highly amp'd coffee bean and a grounded traditional snail!

Black & White single chapter - $2 each

Amazing Bean - A Kindle Comic Book