At this point if you’re confident enough to take your drawing further you can continue to shape and refine it till it exactly matches the coloring book drawing of Zuma. It’s ok if it didn’t turn out exactly as you planned. The most important lesson is to have fun! So just take a break and come back later to practice some more.

Here’s what the rest of the Zuma picture would look like with its basic shapes drawn.

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How to Draw: Kids Art Lesson, Basic Shapes

Picasso said, “Every child is an artist. The problem is how to remain an artist once he grows up.”

In this lesson is a great confidence builder for your little Michelangelo and Picassos will be shown. It will show a wonderful and fun way for your kids to recognize basic shapes in things they want to draw.

A simple coloring book picture will be used for the demonstration. This is Zuma from the TV show “Paw Patrol”.

In this drawing of Zuma there are basic shapes that make up Zuma’s right paw. The idea is to imagine Zuma’s forearm is coming at you by first imagining Zuma’s arm is a rectangular block shape.

First you’ll need to get some tracing paper, dark pencil and eraser.

Next, lay the tracing paper over your favorite coloring book drawing to begin.

To help understand the lesson better here’s a brief video.

The first thing you'll draw is three ovals for Zuma's paw, arm and shoulder just like in this drawing.

Once you’ve traced all the basic shapes you’ll need to erase some lines or construction lines that will not be part of your finished drawing.

Drawing Zuma’s toes is next. For each toe you’ll want to imagine them as a basic oval shape first. Next draw three ovals overlapping each other. It’s ok to have them overlapping each other now. You’ll erase the lines you don’t need later. Now draw the ovals for Zuma’s toes.

Now you have Zuma’s right leg drawn. Congratulations!

Erase the lines that you shouldn’t see anymore. Now you should see Zuma’s right leg start to appear just like it is in the original drawing.

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