So that’s basically the color wheel. Now your child can have even more fun coloring while practicing and thinking about the colors they like to choose! And to help understand better here’s a video.

Now if you are able to block off the drawing so that only two opposite colors are showing you should get a better idea how the theory works.

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A picture with a lot of color is fun to look at. In this lesson the color wheel and how to use it to make a beautiful picture will be demonstrated.

To get started you’ll need your favorite coloring book that hasn’t been colored yet, a few sheets of white paper and your crayons. The only colors of your crayons you’ll need are blue, red, yellow, purple, green and orange.

Coloring is fun. Everyone loves to spend time coloring their favorite cartoon or comic character. But did you know there are rules to coloring? Like black and white your favorite color has an opposite. The opposite of blue is orange, yellow’s opposite is purple and red’s opposite is green.

It’s easy to see this if you draw each color as a piece of a pie shape and opposite one pie shape draw another pie shape of that color’s opposite. Like this:

Another thing about the color wheel is it has a temperature. No its not sick and it won’t burn or make you cold either! Each color is called either cool or warm. Purple, blue and green are the cool colors while red, orange and yellow are warm.

After you’ve drawn your pie with all your colors it should look something like this:

how to draw video

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How to Draw: Kids Art Lesson, Color Wheel

Ok now you know all this new stuff about your favorite colors you’re probably asking what it all means? Right?

Well here it goes. In this drawing I colored Zuma with different colors and tried to put that color on its opposite in the background. The coloring looks strange but at least you can see how the opposite color idea works.

Amazing Bean

It’s ok if it doesn’t look exactly like this so long as your colors are opposite each other the right way, green opposite to red, yellow across from purple and blue from orange.

Here’s a fun experiment you can do. Take two opposite colors and  color over the other. If you practice this trick you can create some amazing coloring.

In this drawing Ryder is colored with shading by using the idea of warm and cool colors. The purples and blues are good for adding shadow for red. And yellow and red are great for orange.